About the lifelab project

Hey, I’m Julia !


I am 29 and I am from Paris. I am an explorer and empowerer.

I have decided to make a dream come true. Let me tell you the story…

What is the lifelab project ?

After working for 6 years in HR management in Paris, I understood that my passion and talent converged around the development of human potential.

And I decided to take a year-off to explore this topic that fascinates me !

« the lifelab project » is a home-made and taylor-made one-year program I am creating :

* my objective is to unlearn, to live experiences connected to people I share values with, to contribute to meaningful projects which have a positive impact on the world, to co-learn with peers and mentors, to step out of my comfort zone, to experiment, and to travel

* the main areas I will explore are empowerment, authentic life design & authentic leadership, the future of education, positive psychology & mindfulness

* the places where I will live experiences are France, Asia, and San Francisco (and maybe others)

* I want to be faithful to my values : passion and positive energy, integrity and authenticity, humanity and generousness, curiosity, mindfulness, fun !

365 days of my life as the most intimate and powerful lab. A time to fully and joyfully experiment.

“the lifelab project” as my own potential development program, somehow… which I hope will boost my ability to develop the potential of others !

Well. That’s the plan – now we’ll see what happens…

Embark on a journey with me !

What I am sharing with you on this blog :

1. exploration journal

the lifelab project is about exploring and telling you about my stories and how I feel

2. inspiring encounters

the lifelab project is about connecting to people and sharing the magic with you

3. learnings highlights

the lifelab project is about learning through experimentation and inspiring you

4. empowerment secrets

the lifelab project is about empowering everyone to transform dreams into reality through decision and action – get ready !

An open lab

I am a fan of the sharing economy, I am fond of collective intelligence, and I am very interested by your feedbacks : so please, feel free to comment, react, share, add ideas… This lifelab is OPEN to YOUR experiences, testimonies, ideas… !

To contact me : https://www.linkedin.com/in/julia-peyron-guerin-4860aa10/

PS : English is not a native language for me. So there will certainly be a few mistakes or strange expressions and I choose to accept it !