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On Top of Seoul !

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On Saturday I organized and On Top Hills event in Seoul !


What is On Top of Hills ?

On Top of Hills is a movement created by my friend Diane Lenne who is a young entrepreneur working in talent development – see her interview here !

It is a movement for free expression and circle learning experiences in open and public spaces.

Several people with diverse background and life experience gather to co-create a unique series of workshops. Each one shares a talent, passion, interest through creating an experience for the group.


Here is the way it works

We started introducing ourselves. Then, each of us had around 30 minutes to facilitate a workshop for the group. The objective is simply to share about a talent or passion/interest that we have. We start explaining why we choose to create an experience around this topic, share some theory if we want to, and then offer an experience to the group.


Our On Top of Seoul program

For this On Top of Seoul event, we were 6 people from Korea, France, and Hungary.

We gathered in the Open Content Labs coworking space in the Gangnam neighbourhood.

Outside the weather was cold, rainy and dark so it felt good to be in a warm place in a lively and joyful atmosphere !

We started with Jack Jeon offering us a journey within our imagination. We shared about how each of us created our imaginary world and how we used it.

Then Martin shared his interest for the impact of non-verbal communication. When we communicate, people remember much more the way we behave and the emotions we create than the words we speak. So how can we act upon that ? We had a whole moment sharing around men & women seduction non-verbal communication which was quite fun !

Charlie, who is a designer, opened a discussion about fashion and the relationship between one’s identity and fashion. She made us react on the paradox of fashion : through following certain ways of getting dressed, do we assert our personality or do we loose our personality ? We shared about the case of Korea where social norms are extremely important and where physical appearance matters a lot.


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Then it was my turn an I guided a gratefulness total relaxation – I got inspiration from my Buddhist retreat at Plum Village 😉

And lastly, to bring back energy to our relaxed bodies, Lea led a kung-fu choregraphy co-creation workshop. She put on some music and each of us created a specific movement that had a meaning and a name. There was the « baby tiger » movement, the « go deep into yourself » movement … It was very fun and it was good to have a workshop focused on body energy !


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A unique co-creation and sharing moment

I really like On Top of Hills experiences because it is a moment when each person gives and receives. It is always unique and we never know before what kind of experiences we will live. It also creates special links between people who did not know each other before…


Join the movement !

On Top of Hills is an open movement and anyone can organize an event. If you are interested you can get in touch with Diane :

Diane Lenne / diane@dlenne.eu / 0033 (0)658501276 / blog.dlenne.eu / @vivadelvita


Tips – free coworking spaces in Seoul

If you are in Seoul and looking for a welcoming free coworking place, go to Open Content Labs ! – you do not need to subscribe.

Their website is in Korean but here is the address – if needed, ask a Korean nice person to call for you before going !

Yeoksam metro station



You can also go to Google Campus – it is also free, you only need to subsribe online :


Samseung metro station