I’m going back to school !

… Today I am flying to San Francisco. … Three months ago, I started there a thrilling adventure : I’m going back to school ! … Now I really feel that somehow, my journey of exploration is over. … Now is the time for my new life. This new moment in my life was triggered by […]

OuiShare Fest inside

… The OuiShare fest is a 4 days international event gathering actors of the Collaborative Economy ecosystem. They share knowledge and skills, connect, get inspired, live new experiences, transform inspiration into action. And contribute to building tomorrow’s world.  … It takes place at Le Cabaret Sauvage, which is a magic setting in La Villette, in […]

I met James by mistake

 …  … Last March, I spent a few days in Singapore to discover the city. I had been travelling for months. While at the beginning of my journey I really wanted to plan and organize and control and fill time, little by little I had adopted a different pace.   … Giving me space and time. […]

Love-fuelling stopover in Paris

… (A My Little Paris picture)  … I am back in Paris for 3 days. Now, I have been here for 2 days and I see it as a « love-fuelling stopover » in my journey. A « love-fuelling stopover » – I will explain what it means ! – and a moment that helps me figure out […]

A Sunday crisis !

   …  … Today is Sunday. I am in Ubud in Bali. This morning, I had planned to go to Extatic Dance at the Yogabarn. I really wanted to try ! I was also thinking that it was certainly a wonderful approach to connect the mind, the heart and the body.  … But things did […]

Spiritual (r)evolution !

… One of my friend wrote to me recently :  … « Where are you ? What are you up to ? Are you not writing anymore ? »  … Well. I have been living ! And forgetting about writing. I wrote in my journal and it was enough.  … It is true that I am […]

Art connection in Baguio !

   … I am in Bagio in the Philippines. It is a town in the mountains, 250 km North from Manila. I arrived a few days ago and I decided to come here because Baguio is a well-known place for healing. Many Filipino healers live around here.   … Yesterday I decided to visit a traditional […]

How I decided to explore healing…

… It’s been a while since I have written my last article ! So much has happened and it is hard for me to start writing. How to explain ? How to share ?  … In a few words : unexpectedly – at least for me ! – my path is becoming very spiritual ! […]

My Auroville experience

 XXXXXX Auroville ?   XXXXXX I had heard about Auroville a long time ago already. I do not remember how…   XXXXXX While I was thinking about what I would do during my project, Auroville was not in my plans. I had not thought about it, actually.   XXXXXX I started my journey. Plum Village, Rumania, Yeu Island, […]

A jungle bird heaven in Kerala

 …………….  …………….  ……………. My parents and sister left Kochi at the very beginning of January. On my side, I had planned to stay for a few more days in the town to have time on my own, read and write – we had actually been quite busy, visiting many places, moving regularly, enjoying many activities. […]