Guess what I did on my first day in Seoul…

Friday was my first full day here. I slept very well on Thursday night because I was very tired !   When I woke up, I knew I needed to make a decision. A decision that could not be postponed : do I get the vaccination against rabies (rage) or not ? 3 days before leaving Paris, I […]

After leaving : arriving

  I am in Seoul ! I arrived 24 hours ago already. Sadness and fear are gone as the unknown has taken the shape of an environment. And because I am very busy trying to do find landmarks in this new environment, and start « creating » my life here. I feel much better. And I already feel […]

Paris-Seoul – words about leaving

  I am at Charles de Gaulle Airport. Waiting for my plane to Seoul – well, actually, I am flying to Doha and then Seoul.   Let’s have a look backwards. My adventure started in August. I went to Plum Village for a Buddhist mindfulness retreat. I came back to Paris and then went to […]

Carsharing experience !

3 days ago, I tried Blablacar for the first time. I believe in the collaborative economy. I support the collaborative economy. I was at the OuiShare Fest and felt superexcited by all the initiaves, workshops, talks, and inspiring encounters. That’s great. However, I must say that in my everyday life I do not have the […]

Ile d’Yeu – rainbow of emotional states

I am coming back from Ile d’Yeu !   I had decided to spend a week there before leaving for Asia.   Ile d’Yeu is a small charming island on the Atlantic coast of France. I have been coming here on holidays for ages. And over the last years, I did not take so much time […]

Lessons from my Plum Village retreat – 2

The struggle for making choices   Making choices is still quite hard for me. In our world of inifinite possibilities, making a choice means accepting to give up ALL the other options. How to make sure I make the best choice ?!   Even at Plum Village, I had to face dilemmas… ! Get ready, haha 😉   […]

Lessons from my Plum Village retreat – 1

I came back from my spiritual retreat at Plum Village 3 weeks ago.   Plum Village (« Village des Pruniers » in French) is a Zen Buddhist monastery and community founded by the Vietnamese spiritual master Thich Nhat Hanh. It is located in France, in the region where Bordeaux wines are produced.   At the heart of […]

Authentic Life Design Workshop in Montmartre

Last Sunday I led an Authentic Life Design Workshop in a secret garden in Montmartre !                                                                                 […]