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Authentic Life Design Workshop in Montmartre

Last Sunday I led an Authentic Life Design Workshop in a secret garden in Montmartre !                  

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What is Authentic Life Design ?

Let’s me first tell you how I discovered Authentic Life Design.

When I knew I would be taking a year-off FOR REAL, last September, I asked myself : « What do I want to do during these 12 months ? ». And the thought that appeared next was : « First things first. Why am I doing this ? ».

During the summer holidays, I had discovered « Lessons from my 20s » thanks to my cousin Nathanaël. It is a « book in slides » written by the American entrepreneur Ryan Allis. He shares what he has learnt about life, entrepreneurship and the world over the last decade.

I loved his very empowering vision of potential development. I thought that it was very intelligent and relevant. It inspired me a lot and helped me to feel confident and be ambitious in my project.

In « Lessons from my 20s », Ryan Allis offers frameworks to think about and identify one’s life purpose and objectives for life.

Authentic Life Design is about taking the time to take a step back and think about what we truly desire for our life, then design concretely for ourselves the life we want to live, and then transform our dreams into reality.

It is about being an entrepreneur of one’s life.                                                                                                                                                                               

What is the process ?

It all starts with focusing on your passions, your talents, what the world needs and what you can be paid for.

You brainstorm on questions such as « What would I do with my life if I were actually doing exactly what I wanted to do, were completely unreasonable about it, and stopped coming up with reasons and excuses for why I can’t truly live into my full potential now? »

Interesting, right ?

Then you think about your objectives for your life : lifetime, 10-years and 1-year objective.

And you reflect on the way you want to feel during your life in order to be able to realize your life purpose : do you want to feel lively ? joyful ? loved ? generous ? ambitious ? kind ? etc.

You take into consideration the habits that you need to develop or stop in order to feel this way and be successful in your projects. For example, you may want to really get this gym club membership and actually go there. Or stop smoking. Or bike instead of drive to go to work. Or drink less coffee.

Finally, you write a first version of what your life purpose might be : « I want to be know as the ___________ in my community. »

As far as I am concerned, I wanted to be the « Potential activator ».

It may seem extremely impressive to sit down and write down your plans for life, as if you had to determine your destiny forever. « I am not ready for that, I’ll do it later ». And then time flies. And you never do it.

We should consider this as a draft, a first version. We are on a path, we are changing permanently. Maybe we could begin with something ?

In the end of the exercise, you determine your 90-days action plan. First things you commit yourself to do. Now. Really.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

An Authentic Life Design Workshop in a secret garden in Montmartre

A few weeks ago, I was having a drink with my friend Joanne. We were discussing usual issues : potential development, entrepreneurship, empowerment… Joanne works at Ignition Program – a start-up that designs 18-months entrepreneurial graduate programs in high potential start-ups.

(I will soon publish an interview of Joanne !)

I talked to Joanne about Authentic Life Design and she asked me if I would agree to lead a workshop for some of her friends. I was of course happy to have the opportunity to experiment this and we settled this Workshop !

So there we were, last Sunday morning in Joanne’s garden in Montmartre.

Joanne, Olivia, Julia, Amélie, Mathilde, Julia. Six young ladies intensely brainstorming, sharing, debating, questioning about finding one’s purpose and objectives in life.

An Authentic Life Design Workshop certainly rises more questions within you that it provides answers.

But in the end, after a few hours, you have something to start with. And then it’s up to you to start leading your life, and transform your dreams into reality.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Here is the link to « Lessons from my 20s » by Ryan Allis

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  1. Chère Julia,

    Je suis enthousiasmé par ton site et par cette expérience. J’aimerais te communiquer plus longuement ce que je ressens en lisant tout cela. Et aussi en quoi cela rejoint ma propre expérience de vie. Est-ce que tu lis toujours tes mails sur l’adresse juliaguerin@hotmail.com ? Sinon envoie-moi un petit mot (en français, hi, hi) et j’aurai ainsi la bonne adresse.

    Je t’embrasse bien chaleureusement. Jean-Marc HENRIOT

  2. Mince je n’avais pas réalisé que tout le monde pourrait lire mon commentaire ! Efface celui-ci si tu ne souhaites pas que ton mail soit largement récupéré ! Jean-Marc

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