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Diane – Talent activist

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I met Diane a few month ago thanks to an angel who connected us ! It started with a long Skype conversation while she was in Switzerland. We quickly felt very close because of our common strong passion for talent development.

We can talk together for hours about how we imagine to contribute to empower individuals to become (more) entrepreneur of their life : that is to say, aligning their passion, talent, values, in relation with what the world needs and what one can be paid for. To get closer to the life of their dreams.

Diane has a very entrepreneurial mindset and has always been extremely concerned by freedom of expression.

Diane, who are you and what are you up to in your life right now ?

After years of engagement in freedom of thinking, I am developing a movement for free expression in public spaces through circles gathering called “On Top of Hills”. Each participant allows others to live his/her talent. We had events happening in North, center, West of France, Switzerland, San Francisco, NYC, and Romania…

From it, I am currently launching my company We Are the Projects – action-based programs which help students to design their own education and job mission, and develop their singularity.

My most recent project is a book of portraits of people who invent disruptive and creative models of education to empower people. I have been writing stories in Paris, San Francisco, NYC, Boston and lastly Romania.

Could you share with us about a hard time you went through while pursuing your dreams ?

Last year, I wanted so much change in my life to happen, that I got involved into too many projects. I was overloaded. I went to Morocco and had a food poisoning, which brought me down for 3 months. I thought I had lost my passion and felt depressed, until I realized the cause was a bad bacterium in my body.

I was always distracted by people asking me things. I had to learn the balance between what is important and what is not. I began to install many management tools on my computer.

It was hard for me to stop thinking, I learnt how to meditate. And I did running, singing, extreme sports. Actions that put my body in movement.

Now, I try to focus only on the things that matter to me. And I integrate these habits in my everyday life.

It also took me time to feel confident enough in my On Top of Hills movement to commit to it fully. The week-end just after I decided to resign from my role within WikiStage Paris was very hard. I was full of fears and couldn’t work. But I learnt that doubts and variable emotions are part of the journey of an entrepreneur, it is neither bad, nor good.

After all, accepting to be fully responsible for your choices and life… that is freedom !

Could you tell us more about On Top of Hills ?

On Top of Hills is a community of people who are ready and willing to build their path instead of following the one suggested to them.

What do you mean exactly ?

Too often, we listen to what others expect from us and not to our inner self.

There are many reasons for that :

  • We usually seek energy, freedom, and answers outside of us whereas a lot of it lies within us
  • We fear the unknown so we are afraid to move from a situation that does not satisfy us
  • We take no time to think about our life objectives
  • We think it is crazy and dangerous to show who we really are to others
  • We undergo the negative information spread by the media whereas we could nourish our minds with inspiring and intelligent stuff

On Top of Hills aims at creating a community that gives confidence to people to grow their own talents and interests.  Each of the participants prepares a 10 to 60 min session that she/he will lead at during the event.  

Click here to read about On Top of Hills event @ Laborazon Maker Space in Romania

After several events we came up with many creative sessions that we want to develop into a database for education and training.

What is your vision of talent and what advise would you share about identifying and developing one’s talent ?

In my view, talent is an ability to excel in something with ease.  You can have talent to communicate or connect with others, to share enthusiasm, to analyze, to be empathetic and listen, to negociate… Specializing in their talents and interests, people become more sucessfull and can have more fullfilling careers.

Participate in my program ! 🙂

Go get inspired by people and places that attract you, feed your mind and heart with experiences that brings you alive ! It is vital. Look inside yourself, feel within yourself.

Ask yourself : « What are the actions that bring me energy and joy ? And those that give me headache, pain and difficulties ? »

Experiment the first ones as much as you can, at any occasion.

When you become good at something, you can help others with it, and that feeling is just awesome.

Also, I do believe that finding communities of people who share the same aspirations and talents is key. Doing so, you get confidence, support, network, answers.

How could we help you in your mission ?

Wanna know more about what’s next ?

Wanna volunteer in writing articles, build a database, write articles for On Top of Hills ?

Interested to bring We Are the Projects in your university, school, company ?

Wanna dedicate your expertise to a cause that concerns you ?

Please join ! Write to me :

Diane Lenne / / 0033 (0)658501276 / / @vivadelvita

Discover my website : WAP – We Are the Projects


And to conclude : freedom of expression space for a freedom of expression lady !

I am happy to share with you a song I recorded in San Francisco with Pluribus, a collaborative electronic music-making group. Through a multi-user process, people with varied musical abilities can create completely unique and original music together. Sounds that can only be born from multiple minds working together. Everything I sing is completely improvised, I simply put my soul in it !


Thank you, Diane !