A Sunday crisis !

   …  … Today is Sunday. I am in Ubud in Bali. This morning, I had planned to go to Extatic Dance at the Yogabarn. I really wanted to try ! I was also thinking that it was certainly a wonderful approach to connect the mind, the heart and the body.  … But things did […]

Alexandre – spiritual entrepreneur

… Before leaving France last September, my friend Diane connected me to a young man who changed my (digital) life. … Alexandre. … Alexandre is an entrepreneur who struggles against planned obsolescence. … Did you have a conversation with your grandmother about her fridge or washing machine ? What was your reaction when she said […]

Discovering Singapore

 …  … I just spent 4 days in Singapore. Right now, I am sitting in The Porch café in Sanur, Bali, wondering about how I will share with you, what I will share with you.   … What comes to my mind right now is not about Singapore. It is something that becomes more and more […]

Spiritual (r)evolution !

… One of my friend wrote to me recently :  … « Where are you ? What are you up to ? Are you not writing anymore ? »  … Well. I have been living ! And forgetting about writing. I wrote in my journal and it was enough.  … It is true that I am […]

The Enchanted Farm – a social innovation hub 

… Last November and December, I spent a month working as a volunteer in a Filipino NGO called Gawad Kalinga. I was in a very special place called the Enchanted Farm.  … The Enchanted Farm is a 35 hectares Farm situated 50 km North from Manila.  … But it is much more than just a […]