Hong Kong diaries – 1

    I am on the plane to Vientiane, Lao. ……… I spent 5 days in Hong Kong. I wanted to spend a month in an Asian capital and had decided that it would be Seoul. Then I knew I would join friends for a trip in Lao. Hong Kong was on the way from […]

24 days in Korea

I am at Incheon International Airport and will fly to Hong Kong within a few hours. It is already time to say goodbye to Seoul. I am feeling many emotions since yesterday, thinking about leaving.   I created everything from scratch here.     I had chosen Seoul because I listened to an intuition. I […]

On Top of Seoul !

  On Saturday I organized and On Top Hills event in Seoul !   What is On Top of Hills ? On Top of Hills is a movement created by my friend Diane Lenne who is a young entrepreneur working in talent development – see her interview here ! It is a movement for free expression and […]

Hello Seoul startup world !

  Last Thursday and Friday I attended Seoul K-Global Startup Engine 2015 networking event.   Seoul ? A lot of people I meet here ask me : « Why did you choose to come to Seoul for the beginning of your exploration year in Asia ? » I wanted to spend a month in a big Asian capital. I wanted […]

At the doctor in Korea

These last days I had a little health issue (no drama, nothing serious) and this morning I asked advice to Sun, who runs the guesthouse. Sun comes every morning at the guesthouse and is available by phone when we need help. She has been living in France for several years in the past, so she […]

Hubert – mindful man

  Hubert and I attended the same business school. At the time, we did not know each other very well. We had friends in common so I knew he had chosen an original path 1 year (or so) after graduation… I was impressed and admiring because I thought that it was quite a courageous step […]