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Alexandre – spiritual entrepreneur


Before leaving France last September, my friend Diane connected me to a young man who changed my (digital) life.


Alexandre is an entrepreneur who struggles against planned obsolescence.

Did you have a conversation with your grandmother about her fridge or washing machine ? What was your reaction when she said that she bought them in 1978 and that they are still perfectly working ?

On my side, I felt really infuriated !

It’s been a while now that big corporations guarantee their future profits through deliberately limiting and shortening the lifespan of the products they sell to us. Should it be tires (pneus), a printer, our smartphone, our pairs of tights – collants and so on and so on…

Repairing is too expensive, and we end up having no choice but buying the last generation product. This is really not sustainable for our Planet.

So Alexandre and his partners Maxime and Thomas created M². No more need to throw away your old phone or computer and buy a new one. They are the magicians who give a new birth to your devices for a cheap price !

And beyond that, Alexandre is a very inspiring counscious and spiritual entrepreneur. I am very glad to introduce this precious person to you.

He shares with us about his story and path. In which wisdom nurtures meaningful entrepreneuship.

Alexandre, who are you ?

Someone once told me : you’re Alexandre Maurin. It’s the only right answer I could ever say I think 🙂

It changes everyday, as long as you discover new people and places. But, still, let’s give it a try.

I would describe myself as a spiritual entrepreneur. I know that I want to change the world, to make it a better place. It maybe sounds naive, but I just think it’s necessary.

If I don’t try, someone will do it for me. We are in a changing world, I feel that I have to bring something to help those changes. I believe in a spiritual and ecological change to summon our crises and I want to build something else.

You tried to launch a business some time ago and now you are quitting your job for a new entrepreneurial adventure. What is driving you in this direction ?

I would like to have a meaningful action. Building my own start-up is obvious for me.

I need to be free.

I am afraid of it but I am also ready to face it.

I think that changes will come more from the outside than inside of the system.

Entrepreneurship is a way for me to create and suggest a new system and I chose computing because I am passionate about it.

Co-funding M² to struggle against planned obsolescence is for me a way to change mentalities about consuming, and a way to make the world more sustainable.

I really want tomorrow’s computers to last 10 years and more, with the best viability.

Furthermore, I really want to take care of my life and I want to choose what I do round the clock.

For those who are familiar with it, I really believe that we are co-creators of our environment. Building my own start-up is completely in that mindset.

How would you define the biggest challenges that you have faced as an entrepreneur ? Could you share with us what helps you most in the hard times ?

The biggest challenge for me as an entrepreneur is simple : fear.

I am scared of changes in my life, like everyone else.

I am afraid of failing. I can’t deny it.

But fear can be a really good motivator. Lots of fears are linked to the fear of changes.

That’s where spirituality is really important. When you know what you want, why you are doing it, you have the energy which is necessary to overcome your fear and transform it to start moving ahead.

I work everyday on those fears thanks to meditation. It is a powerful tool to be connected to myself and it helps me to take the right decisions.

When I am talking about the right decisions, I am talking about the right decisions for myself, not for other people.

Then, learning fast, and being effective is also a big challenge.

I have to make my own company the best one, and as soon as possible, so that it can survive.

Entrepreneurship is a challenge in itself, because you need to fight for survival. And survival is hard, especially in a global world.

But I work and live now with full of honesty and trust, and I feel that I can move mountains.

You cofounded M² recently. M² is a start-up that struggles against planned obsolescence. Could you tell us about your convictions about this issue and the solutions that provides ?

Each electronic component is built with a chance of failure. In M² we have built a comprehensive service ecosystem in order to thwart planned obsolescence.

Our moto: Sustainable Computing.

Meaning long-lasting, reliable and close-to-its-user computers.

To reach this purpose, M² intervenes on different levels. One of our lead products is Fastech: a total overhaul of your computer starting with the software and following with the hardware if needed.

Your computer will be like new and maybe even better : way faster, cleaned up from the basement to the attic, customized, secured and energy efficient for an long lasting and reliable experience.

How can we get in touch with you if we would like to use the M² services ?

You can visit our website : or contact me directly on

You may also follow us on Facebook !

You can have a Fastech from 40 € for Mac and from 50 € for Windows.

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Thank you, Alexandre, for bringing your faith, talent, authenticity and energy to build a more sustainable world ! All the best to you and your M² partners !

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